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Using PMP Transcoder

First, install the software of Transecoder in Windows system.. will be displayed a icon on The computer. click it into menu. GAME MP4 - Video Game console 1. select media mode

Dingoo MP3 game player

game mp4 transcoder

Second, Put the VCD,DVD into CD-ROM, double click icon, will display menu as below.
1. select media mode
2. transcode audio frequency 8K16K,48K, PMP playing need to according to transcoding of choose frequency, choose corresponding playing frequency in PMP.
3. select musical timbre when transcoding.
4. select source file source file.
5. select path of output file and create file name. For exampleDVD001.ASF,must be create new file and ASF suffix. (Example: anyfilename.asf)

Dark Alex PSP Mod - Open Edition (OE) Sony PSP Firmware and Downgrader for PlayStation Portable.

pmp tools

Third, click Convert to start to change as below.

4. Path of source file
5. Path of output file after transcoding
6. Click CONVERT

dvd to pmp psp video

Fourth, Click Stop after transcoding and EXIT


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