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GAME MP4 - Video Game console with built in memory, Photo / Video camera, MP3 Player, MP4 Movie Player and FM tuner built-in. It also features TV-OUT connection for playing games and movies on a TV or showing pictures from your latest trip... Another great feature is Video-IN port that enables you to use GAMEMP4 as a display for another Video Game console or DVD player. Not only that, but you can also record everything you view on the screen in ASF / MP4 format for later reply.

Game MP4 PMP Review

Dingoo MP3 game player


The Good:

- Display is really good! Was surprised at how good it was compared to other devices - it is better than the original Nintendo DS screen and nearly as bright as the new DS Lite (and that is the best console screen)
- Movies look great and playback speed is good
- colors are great
- some simple games included in the package
- TV out is a big PLUS
- MP3 files can be directly copied to the MP3 folder - no software or conversion needed.
- Having a Photo / Video camera in this device is cool

The Bad:

- It looks like the main selling point that is NES / SNES GAME support is missing. The Game Card is formatted in some special way that PC can't read and no way of adding our own games to this console and that SUX !!! :(
- Included games look like homemade copies of Classic NES games but with many features lacking and when playing there is some screen flickering problem in a coupe of games. Only about 5 out of 25 are fun to play (in my opinion)
- Video has to be converted to MP4 format - takes some time to do... (but OK - it is a simple software so that would be OK)
- MP3 file playback application looks rather unimpressive and no support for Play Lists
- No FM Radio in this model
- Images !!! have to be scaled down for them to work on the device - so if you want to take your pictures that you made with another camera and display them on GameMP4 - you have to convert them to low-res jpg files with included [SunPlus PMP Transcoding] software (the same one used for Video/DVD/Audio encoding)
- Photo / Video recording with the 2MPix camera is ~the quality of what you get with a camera in a Mobile Phone. No Flash and no real Zoom and COLOR depth is low :(

And The Ugly:

Lock button at the bottom/left side of the console is nearly broken and the unit hasn't been used for long... So I suspect that manufacturing Quality Control is an issue. If we buy them you have to check every one for defects before shipping or we have a problem with customer satisfaction.


IF it had the NES support - would buy it- IF it also had SUPER NES ROM support and all the rest would be the same - I would say it is a great deal. I will try some more ways to get the game roms on there, but I don't have too many hopes for success. Also Users Manual has no info about NES / FC support like the other models did.

+ NES Game support so could sell with a promise of 500+ games!!!
+ SM-800 (the silver one) SFC / SNK -- if it really supports Super Nintendo and SNK roms this would be A KILLER.
+ TV Out - the one thing all modern consoles are missing.

- Video support - I noticed MTV format mentioned there - that is not good. In most cases means that all video files have to be first transformed on PC before uploading to the device. Now if it realy supports NORMAL .avi files and .mp4 files - a winner it is...
- Built in memory and PRICE. 256MB/512MB/1GB -- how much does the 1GB model costs. Not that important taking into account that it can be upgraded with an SD card, but people like seeing GB instead of MB ;)
- do they come in different colors?
- Video recording in ASF (???) radio format? what do they mean by radio? And do both devices have Video-IN - that is INPUT from another Video source? If so can it be used as a monitor for another device?

SM-800 model that specifically mentioned FC/SFC/SNK Game Support - OR another model that will play FC/SFC/SNK (NES/SNES/SNK) GAMES. Also would be nice if they could show you that it does play Super Mario or another Nintendo game that you know... 800- has No Camera and USB1.1 instead of the faster 2.0, but as we are mainly into the GAME biz.



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