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HKC is relatively well-known domestic manufacturers display in LCD and CRT have a good reputation. Mp4 industry in this piece, HKC is new, this area suddenly into mp4, in the spirit to play their own capital and technology, the industry also set off a ripple in a pond down.

This is the Pacific Evaluation Room HKC (HKC) in the game New MP4 H858, H858 "GAME MP4" itself, taking the lead into the MP4 simulator support NES games, more classic games, such as super ultra Mary, for gamers Hundouluo other hand, and 2.5 inches, 16 million color Trend and future of LTPS (low-temperature polysilicon) color screen, is the industry leader, providing strong support for the audio-visual entertainment, such support FLAC lossless compression audio format, long range time are remarkable. In the end it might, the lead author or below to see faster.

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Unique in form seemingly GAMEBOY

HKC H858 review

The prototype for the silver, metal frames, paint handling exceptionally fine, the cookie Moshangqu like ceramics. This writer can not help but miss the classic form of GAMEBOY played since childhood. Rimmed 2.5-inch screen, the left side just below the key cross direction, the right combination of the two together was Olivary bond, left the A crucial for starting out menu and confirmation; B right for a key function for withdrawal. In the middle two buttons built more prominent speakers, the use of loudspeakers playing games and some may feel more uninhibited.

HKC H858

Only 105g weight of the whole, the crowd size of 90 × 66 × 15.5mm, the volume and weight than to achieve a good balance between the cylinder very comfortable.

HKC H858 size

The plane left arcs designed to enhance the comfort grasp, it seems to be rather tough the rest of the corner, not too many curve modification is just for the boys Yang style.

HKC H858 buttons

JACK left side has two were strained and LINE-IN /AV-OUT JACK JACK. MINI USB lead and were covered with a vertical cell and rechargeable Plughole. SD card expansion slot is adjacent to the end of the fuselage, the maximum support 1GB of capacity expansion, to have a soft plastic cover.

The plane back without much text design is simple and only button in the corresponding position, suggested those with the simplest function.



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