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Excellent screen-friendly interface

Screen the importance of mp4, like the eyes of the people, occupies a pivotal position. Screen effect has a direct relationship to the user's perception of video games or watch the video. H858 with a 2.5-inch, 16 million color Trend and future of LTPS color screen and showed mp4 compared to the many types of hard disks are not inferior in terms of screen size, measured below us into small pieces of some photographs. (Note : Due to the condition of photography, the following picture of the plane did not fully reflect the actual effects, and only for reference.)
Grayscale test reappearance perfect 16-level gray.

Dingoo MP3 game player

Putin color tower color pictures from the show effect, a very beautiful color, saturation and high levels are more natural transition.

Color Test Color Test
Color Test

Specimen figures Specimen figures
Specimen figures

H858's screen is small, but shows results similar to LCD, the only shortage is a smaller visual angle, tilt angle color will appear larger phenomenon.

DSE hardware indexes is important, but also need to look at the human-machine interface and is a pleasure to be able to use the feelings H858 also doing an extremely good job in this regard. The main menu graphics interface, the interface can change the theme, there will be access to the corresponding functional option to use words, very humane.

pmp video menu pmp nes game menu
Main menu

pmp themes pmp themes
Two themes of the interface can be switched

pmp nes game psp psp my picture
Under the wording suggested that the operation of the interface




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