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Game MP4 Review HKC H858

Other functional brief

H858 in the distribution function, the user can see that the manufacturers have a great care, not lack a basic core functions.

HKC H858

Dingoo MP3 game player

87.5-108.0MHz FM radio frequency support, Taiwan can be found manually or automatically, manually 0.1MHz step to automatically search Taiwan a bit longer, about 30 seconds to complete a search of the band. Can be set up high, medium and low sensitivity levels, and can be unlimited storage radio, in other brands, almost unheard. But the actual recording and poor results, even though the maximum sensitivity setting, the radio found few, not many, and more empty tables, the interference is not a small movement. FM practicality is not strong need to be further improved.

pmp fm radio pmp fm radios
FM radio interface

Photo browsing support JPEG, BMP and GIF format compatibility, images can be enlarged four or 16 times, but not mobile enlarged photographs feeling amplification is not practical. Encounter can be installed into desktop pictures also like to meet individual user requirements.

pmp jpg gif bmp pmp screenshots

Effective in browse support TXT format, a 10-screen display 180 Chinese firms can set up bookmarks, and can listen to FM music. MIC recorded and the recording function LINE-IN line in support. Mp3 in Courseware Facture for the preservation of documents recording format can be installed three quality level, there is no FM recorded a pity. Audio effects are not entirely satisfactory, especially MIC recorded, the main voice of the smaller figures.

audio interface pmp game audio interface
Also effective, audio interface

In addition, the main menu "disk" Lane one can check all the documentation of the aircraft, the plane can delete the document, adding to the list of other broadcast operations.

game mp4 my disc gamemp4 my disk
"My disk" interface

speed test
USB 2.0 adapter speed, measured maximum speed of 695Kbps into maximum read speed of 462Kbps, Pianman.


HKC H858 Features Summary
Game function Support NES game simulator, built more than 50 types of classic games
Video Player DIVX3X support, DIVX4X, DIVX5X, XVID, etc. AVI format, there must be room for Video
Music Player Mp3 in Courseware Facture, conjecture, FLAC, FLAC, so that performance can improve the sound quality
Photo visit Support for JPEG, BMP, GIF, can be enlarged, but not the translation and overturned
Effective in reading TXT format, the screen shows 180 Chinese characters can be installed bookmarks, listening to music and FM
FM radio Support 87.5-108.0MHz band and recording results have yet to be improved
Recording function MIC recorded, LINE-IN line in MIC recorded yet to be enhanced
Document Management Available all documents, the plane could be deleted
Usb transmission

2.0 standard speed, low speed measured

Functional details Theme interface, replacing LRC lyrics simultaneously, backlight brightness adjustment operation indicate that the SD Card expansion, etc.


hkc sd

This time, HKC (HKC) have sprung up everywhere, carrying H858 entered the game mp4 strong field, with excellent entertainment, excellent audio and visual effects painting, SD Card expansion, the mainstream range of basic functions, even in the increasingly fierce competition Flash mp4 market, rather eye-catching, as long as the price to be set at a more reasonable level, believe that the market will have a bright future.



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