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HKC efforts to build "GAME MP4" new concept

o a time in 2006, HKC digital again go all out in the MP4 emerging markets everywhere. In your impression, MP4 almost an escalation of MP3 products. MP4 Video is fully functional in some products can be achieved MP3, MP4 This has resulted in the conceptual confusion and ambiguity. At this point, HKC brought us not only love the products, but a new concept of the current MP4 market is a banal, chaotic style changes. From 2005 to the end of March 2006, the domestic market has been less MP4. In addition to prices, manufacturers in product concept and the lack of time on the speculation could highlight. HKC seize the opportunity, "GAME MP4" shocking new H858 listing of the industry shocked those who heard it. Then, the HKC "GAME MP4" What is the difference between an ordinary MP4?

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H858 seemingly GAME Boy, a strong function of the game
First, the hardware performance, this product was used by the processor Frequency The ADSP-BF531 reach 400MHz chip, high-quality data transmission throughput cache chips from Samsung and Samsung A Flash or modern completed. ADSP-BF531 the United States launched the Analog Devices Blackfin A high-performance embedded processor, the pooling of Blackfin DSP and MCU chip dual function. Advanced DSP algorithm is its traditional superiority and the whole RISC processor perfect combination of orthogonal instruction set, is able to achieve a rapid implementation of the traditional operating systems and control but also for the outstanding performance of a complicated algorithm. Secondly, the use of function, the MP4 This product is a new product structure, which integrated the games, video, music and other functions, so the classic NES game again in the simulation was to revive and bring you more entertainment experience; It also supports multi-task operation, such as : e-books while listening to music while browsing, so while listening to the radio while browsing also effective. All these functions are achieved by using the software platform to benefit from it. HKC H858 for the development of a new Linux system, ADI Blackfin Processor seamless network with built-efficient MPEG4 decoder, NES simulation platform, and a number of patented technologies, such as the product range has been considerably strengthened by the SMARTSTEP power saving techniques, the performance is more perfect timbre lossless compression technologies, such as FLAC.

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H858- unique handheld Strip

hird, the display screen, it is used in a new type of screen called Trend and future of LTPS screen. This screen is the main product used by the next generation TFT screen products, reduction in the level of respect and the true colors are not comparable to the other products. H858 is the treasure of Taiwan's technology life Trend and future of LTPS screen, the horizontal and vertical visual angle of 170 degrees can show up response time simulations show Gannet 500 brightness, contrast up to 500:1. It reached a 16 million color of the pigment, to 882 × 228 pixel actual show Resolution 320 × 240, used to direct films and showed very real fine. Create entertainment technology Dream H858 "GAME MP4" was published, HKC HKC brand is the first step in the digital field independently, then HKC will soon unveil a range of different types of MP4 products. If H860, MP4 This will also be one of the high-performance products, in addition to the development of the "Game" concept, which will integrate consumer DV, DC, and other functions including digital companion. In addition, consumers will be faced with numerous different machines introduced positioning these products will continue HKC MP4 products in the idea -- Innovation Dream of creating entertainment.

MP4 market HKC This is the time to put into a slogan, a lot of digital enterprises, have such a dream, but to do so with great products like HKC plans and specific product innovation is not a lot to explain. We will wait and see, in this year's digital market HKC will bring us more breakthroughs and surprise!

GAME MP4 - Video Game console with built in memory, Photo / Video camera, MP3 Player, MP4 Movie Player and FM tuner built-in. It also features TV-OUT connection for playing games and movies on a TV or showing pictures from your latest trip... Another great feature is Video-IN port that enables you to use GAMEMP4 as a display for another Video Game console or DVD player. Not only that, but you can also record everything you view on the screen in ASF / MP4 format for later reply.





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