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Due to the rapid development of science and technology, we can easily find a lot of electronic products have a high level of integration into our daily lives, such as with MP3 Function Digital Camera , The camera can be used when Cell phone So! A small drug found in the market today, many games feature N MP4, many friends will say (on that right now, not playing games MP4), but deals with those iwod G10 MP4 different game only it was gold ... Currently, it can support Nintendo (red and eight crew all game! ), And also supports firmware upgrade Probably the day will support the Nintendo N64 game! (Even dreaming : China. . . . . Even if the support is estimated that the next generation products. . . . . Netizen : brothers! He played our. . . K. him. . . . Table I : K dual face. . Scream)

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This iwod G10 aluminum metal materials using light rather long time in order to enable users to be more comfortable (to play games and watch MP4) also used the dried shell, which makes it handle at the same time there is an increase of the role of anti-skid! The G10 iwod Whole It is very much like the appearance of long-lost small drug drop GAME Boy (looks very cordial. . . ) Using the 2.5-inch screen of its 16 million color Trend and future of LTPS screen, shown as 320 × 240 pixels.

This area iwod G10 button is pushed GAME MP4 subjective concept, the design of key operating closer to the Crusaders in handheld operating keys, and A and B button, the button keys, and of course with essential EQ crucial for the election.

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Function, iwod G10 FLAC audio format, conjecture, MP3, support synchronous lyrics, video format support MPEG1, MPEG-4 (Xvid, Divx) broadcast standard AVI video file format. SSA and SRT subtitles to preserve and support the progress of video mode options PEG, GIF, BMP and GIF animation support slide shows, TXT arbitrary function more bookmarks, unlimited storage channels with user-defined sensitivity and fine-tuning of pop-up menus and shortcut keys installed. Be fully compatible with Windows, a wide range of topics PLAYLIST management, Flash, SD card expansion built, and can output to a television set and carrying NES games : 400M processor simulator, pure software codec!

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This 256MB capacity of the current price of 1,180 yuan G10 iwod (Although available SD Card expansion. . . But some really high prices! ) But for the 8-bit Nintendo games like Super friends believe it is still quite attractive! Ding Hao its interest in the Zhongguancun electronic friends to the second floor of the building to store 2029# digital Walkman trial purchase!


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